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About Us

Burns Family Chiropractic Center

Dr. Brian Burns, Chiropractic Physician.

Dr. Steven J. Komsky, Chiropractic Physician.


We are a family health and wellness clinic that specializes in the treatment of various spinal conditions (such as subluxations, and disc herniations to name a couple) as well as the proper maintenance of the spine and nervous system. Along with that we teach you and your family to utilize preventive measures so that your family’s future health is optimized. This gives your family the best opportunity to prevent chronic illness and chronic conditions from ever developing.


We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for more than 40 years combined. Your family comes first to you and that is the principle that we take in our office. You and your family’s needs are first and foremost to us. The office has that “we are all one big happy family” atmosphere to it.


Navigation within this website should be as easy as possible for you therefore everything is just one click away to get to most of the topics.


The office is conveniently located on the west side of Armenia Avenue just 3 blocks south of Sligh Ave. It is just 5 traffic lights west of the Sligh avenue. exit off of Interstate-275, centrally located in Hillsborough County.


We are open for all your needs Monday through Friday. We have done years of research to help us determine what most people want.  People want results and they don’t want to wait.  That is why I have designed a no-wait system in the office that has been extremely effective in getting you and your family taken care of in a timely manner. Your time is valuable and we respect that.  As far as results go, our motto says it all, “Our results speak for themselves.” We constantly study with the developers and masters of techniques and programs to stay on the cutting edge and bring to you the best care anywhere.


We have an extremely qualified and experienced staff to handle you and your family’s needs from scheduling to insurance billing to massage therapy.  Feel confident that we can handle any situation that arises.


We offer a variety of programs that are custom designed to meet your family’s needs whether you’re an infant, an adult, a geriatric, an amateur or a professional athlete. If you click on the technique page you will see that there is something for everyone from traditional to non-force to decompression type work.


Please browse through the website and feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.


Yours in health,


Steven J. Komsky, D.C.

Brian Burns, D.C.



For an appointment with Dr. Komsky, please call (813) 935-8300.


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