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Headaches are so common that most people believe that it is normal to have them, that it is a part of life and youíre supposed to have them when you get stressed or under tension. In reality we consider that if you suffer more than 3 per year then there is a problem.


Headaches can be from so many different causes that it is staggering. It is actually one of your bodyís main signals that something is wrong.  Whether itís cranial bone subluxations, damaged structures in the neck, irritated nerves, strained muscles, chemical or hormonal imbalances or circulatory problems, they can all cause headaches.


The one thing that is a common complaint from headache sufferers is that the severity can range from mild and annoying to debilitating and crippling. Our office with our unique treatment programs has a very high success rate helping our patientís headache problems.


One of the hidden causes of chronic headaches are damaged structures in the neck and cervical spine. This was discovered by a team of medical doctors at Syracuse University during their research. And they stated that Chiropractic is the preferred mode of treatment for it. Believe it or not another cause that doesnít get a lot of publicity is dehydration. Most of us are dehydrated and donít know it. A good gauge of how much water one should take in during the course of an average day is one-half your body weight in ounces. Therefore if you weigh 200 pounds you should consume 100 ounces of water per day. There is a good body of evidence that concludes spring water is best for rehydrating the body tissues.





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