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Dr. Komsky and the Koren Specific Technique
A Winning Combination!

 My name is Charlie Bancroft.   I have been one of Dr Steven Komsky’s clients for 7 years now.   Dr. Komsky took a guy who had multiple problems with his spine and made him functional again.  We have made tremendous progress with steady treatments, and I have complete confidence in Dr. Komsky as a professional, as a friend, and in his methods of treatment.

There is one special treatment that Dr. Komsky has conducted on me that has made the most difference by far.  It’s called the Koren Specific Treatment.  It goes beyond just diagnosing and treating normal subluxations.  This technique has the ability to zero in on what the body is saying needs to be treated the most, no matter where the problem is located. 

I was in a horrific accident in November of 2007 and received multiple injuries.  I went through a long period of recovery and rehab.  During rehab, I experienced a bizarre set of circumstances.  The head trauma caused by the accident had a caused me to stutter uncontrollably and make Tourettes-like noises.  I saw many doctors and they all did their best to treat it with medications.  I also had to see a speech therapist who literally had to help me re-train myself how to talk.  I wasn’t making much progress with the medications, as much of it was trial and error.  But then Dr Komsky decided to try the Koren Specific Treatments 3 times a week to see if we could begin making progress.  We first focused solely on the stuttering, as it was the most bothersome at the time.  Within 1 week of treatment, we noticed a change for the better, and within 2 weeks, there were significant positive changes with my stuttering.  We continued treatment and within a month I was stutter-free.  Then we began zeroing in on the Tourettes-like noises, and within a week or two of those treatments, my noises all but disappeared.  Within another month, I was 100% fluent with no noises! 

I am 100% sold on the Koren Specific technique.  So much so that now any time I have an ailment of any kind, all I have to do is tell Dr Komsky what we want to focus on, and he knows how to ask the body the right questions so as to get the right treatment using this wonderful technique.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Komsky and his Koren Specific Technique to anyone struggling with ailments.

 Written by Charlie Bancroft

Patient September 2008



I suffered disorientation, confusion, dementia, fear of everything, paranoia, malnutrition due to fear of eating, and total insecurity. These symptoms were severe from first of April to September. The doctors put me on trazadone, Zyprexa, Aracept, Prozac, etc. and that resulted in deeper and deeper withdrawal. I went through 3 mental institution rehabs resulting in deeper and deeper withdrawal and despair. Since starting chiropractic treatment I have a return of confidence, independence, no confusion, no dementia, no fear, eating well, return to my original self. Dr. Komsky and his treatments are so important that we make repeated trips from Mississippi to his office to assure continued total recovery. He has truly been a godsend for me and my husband and children.


Waughndel S.




I experienced numbness of both big toes for approximately 1 year. I went to my primary care doctor and they indicated that there was nothing that could be done to improve or correct the condition. Since starting Chiropractic treatment I have 100% of feeling restored to one toe and approximately 90 % to the other. This in approximately 7 months of treatment.


David T




 I suffered from chronic fatigue, inability to focus, radiating shoulder pain and difficulty sleeping for 10 years. The medical doctors prescribed Paxil which took away the shoulder pain and depression but did not help sleeping and made fatigue and lower energy worse. I tried various forms of energy medicine, including massage, acupuncture and cranial sacral work. Tried various supplements, some would work for a while, most things did not help at all. Since starting Chiropractic treatments I am amazed at the results from B.E.S.T. I am sleeping like a baby and my shoulder pain is gone. I feel happy and light almost all of the time. My energy has increased significantly and I am much better at staying focused. Words cannot express how different I feel my outlook on life has changed. I feel hopeful and happy.





I would like to say that Dr. Komsky and his staff are just awesome. I have used other chiropractors in the past and not one has the techniques that Dr. Komsky possesses. He understands your ailments and does a great job on correcting them naturally.

Thank you Dr K. and staff for all that you do!


Scott Neal






For an appointment with Dr. Komsky, please call (813) 935-8300.

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